Chiropractic Billing Services

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Patient Accounts

Accuracy of patient account information is key to starting right. TABS Chiropractic billing services validate that all patient information is correct before it gets sent to billing. We implement a system of red flags so we can correct any missing information needed from your office. Whether an address, DX code, CPT code, or missing insurance information, we find it, fix it and validate it before billing.

Chiropractor showing a patient a model of a spine


All claims are submitted by TABS. You don’t have to worry about clearinghouse fees, sending paper claims, or E-Billing setup. We boast a 99.3% first pass claims rate ensuring timely payment. We have stringent claim life cycle tracking management that ensures your claims get paid better, faster and correctly. You will have clean and accurate claims.

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Claims Management

After claim submission, TABS will manage the claims life cycle. We know which claims have been processed, accepted, paid and which ones are still pending or have been denied. We manage the life cycle of your claims from start to finish. With our team of experts, you will no longer have to guess your claim status.

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Claim Payments

Once a claim has been processed and remittance is sent by insurance, TABS posts all payments into your patient accounts. EOBs are analyzed and posted correctly the first time. Your patient accounts will automatically be adjusted, and you will have a clear understanding of both insurance and patient responsibilities. Your cash flow will finally be consistent.

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Claim Follow Up

You will find claims deny less with TABS. If they do deny, we work until all your claims are paid. We have a team of chiropractic billing experts who follow up on your behalf. Insurance companies deny for a variety of reasons. We track denials, fix denials and get denials paid promptly.

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Patient Statements

TABS will generate and send all of your patient statements on a monthly basis. With our toll-free billing phone number listed on the statement, TABS will answer any question your patient has about their bill. Your office authorizes which statements are sent and we do the rest.