New Practice Setup

We will walk through the process of credentialing, identify key payors and establish timelines to receive contracts. Typical contracts take at the minimum 90 days.


Adding Providers

Adding an associate to your practice requires diligent planning and timely follow-up when adding a new provider to your group.


Adding New Payors

Adding a new payor is a great way to establish new patients with different insurances.
This process of adding an insurance company takes at least 90 days.


Managing Payor Contracts

After accepting a payor contract, it is important to verify claims are processing correctly, at the right rate and in the correct networks. TABS has checks and balances in place to make sure insurances are paying you properly.


Regular Meetings

It will be important that you meet regularly with TABS to discuss your practice in detail. We will review key performance indicators, any problems, revenue goals and services you are offering.


Credentialing Success

Credentialing is complete! Payments are coming in, ERA’S and EFT’S are in place, and we have a smooth operation of managing your practice revenue. Your office knows our team and we handle any questions or issues that arise.