“We have been working with TABS for the last 4 or 5 years now. We originally switched to TABS after losing a key team member that was handling our insurance billing and the transition was smooth and seamless. Their staff are friendly, patient and knowledgeable. They have always been very helpful in answering our questions and are quick to recommend useful strategies to increase our collections. We would recommend them.”

Dr. Andy Paull, Paull Chiropractic
“I have been working with TABS since 2019 when I was in the early stages of establishing my small, part-time practice. TABS was an integral partner that made it possible for me to scale my business and practice accordingly. I turned to TABS because the previous billing company I was working with essentially stopped processing claims and became unresponsive. I still remember my first conversation with Don, and knowing TABS would be a great choice for me, because they had the capacity to help me not only in the early stages of my practice, but also as it has grown. I also liked the fact that they are in Wisconsin, where my office is located. Without the help of TABS I would not have been able to offer my care to insured patients, which would have had a negative impact on my practice growth. From the beginning Don and his team have been friendly and responsive, and best of all they do a great job of processing claims and working to make sure we collect what we are supposed to from our insurance claims. Even though they are not physically present in our office, we know they are just a phone call or email away, and they are a vital member of our team when it comes to serving our patients the best we can. If you are looking for good people to help you and your billing needs, I would suggest taking some time to talk with Don and see what TABS can do for you.”
Dr. Victor Schueller, Animity Health and Wellness
“Just the relief of not having to worry about the billing headaches and having the ability to push off billing concerns from patients to our billing company….. none of us go to college to be billing experts, we go to college to be a Chiropractor…. the ideal day should be come to work, work on patients and leave.

I have a lot of confidence that if I have a problem that needs to be fixed I can make a phone call, send an email or a text and I get an answer quick.

TABS was very helpful with Medicare because I was doing just the basics with billing Medicare because I didn’t want to do it wrong. So we were real cautious….TABS showed me the more effective and beneficial ways to do it and it gave me the confidence that this is the right way, the legal way, the proper way to do it. I was able to double and triple my Medicare payback.”

Dr. Mark Koch, Koch Chiropractic
“I contacted TABS…I was dreading the transition…we took the step and it was very smooth. It was much smoother than I thought. The transition went very quick…with not much stress at all.

The initial changes we noticed was the weight of doing our own billing came off the office. The whole attitude was lighter, treating patients was easier, and turning the billing over to someone else was probably the best thing I did in my career. Not having to deal with the insurance changes has helped quite a bit. All in all it has been a good experience. I have no regrets…

Another aspect TABS has assisted us with is coding. Even dealing with specific insurances – which codes to use and which ones to avoid…”

Dr. Steven Kennedy, Wignall Kennedy Chiropractic Clinic

“In-house billing got to be very stressful and complicated. I needed to find a way to change that. I heard about TABS – I found the cost was about the same amount it would have been to hire someone extra to do it…the transition was relatively smooth…

TABS was calling and keeping up on all of the billing and we don’t have to hear any of it. TABS follows through and we don’t have any problems.

It worked out that the revenue increased by accepting assignment and by working with Medicare and assignment – the increase was dramatic.”

Elderly man and woman smilingDr. Jack Masche, Masche Chiropractic
“Insurance billing has changed dramatically. It was taking more hours in the day trying to get claims paid which required more staff. It is a stressful business. We found TABS to help in our dilemma. Another provider referred us to Don who contacted me and we began to discuss how someone in the Midwest would be able to do our billing in Texas. He answered all of my questions. Their staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. We have been up and running since March, 2009 and we are very satisfied. We are very pleased with the change. I highly recommend TABS.”
Dr. Carmen Carlile, Canavan Center / Chiropractic Health Clinic
“From our first telephone conference with TABS, we felt nothing but relief. When we signed up, the training we received was as if we were their only clients! We trust them 100%, plus their staff has proven themselves over and over with their knowledge of correct billing for chiropractic. Finally, the reports that we generate daily, monthly, and yearly are a constant proof of how valuable TABS billing is to our practice. If you are looking for a high bill-out-collection ratio, we highly recommend TABS. It has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made at Murphysboro Chiropractic.”
Man and woman smilingDr. Jason & Bobbie Whitacre, Murphysboro Chiropractic Clinic