Discuss Key Roles

Establish a clear start date and discuss operations for a smooth transition with no interruptions on your cash flow.


Important Office Information

Once you join our team, we send important documents for you fill out about key factors of your practice. These documents ensure we bill correctly and set up our systems in place to manage your practice.


Account Setup

We set up systems training to go over software, reporting, integrations, and day to day functions of your office.


Transition Training

Let’s do some training; you will meet and learn about the key people who are involved in your account.


First Billing

We send first claims! In the first month of billing we make sure you have regular revenue and cash flow. You will now start receiving revenue from both insurance and patients.


Practice Success

Practice Success is now in full throttle! Payments are coming in, ERA’S and EFT’S are in place and we have a smooth operation of managing your practice revenue.